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Does sedation dentistry mean I'm knocked out?

No! The mild sedation techniques used by Santa Rosa, CA dentist Dr. Delwiche will leave you conscious and able to move, respond to instructions and talk to the staff. It will simply make you very calm and relaxed during your procedure. Many patients report not remembering the procedures afterward, and time seems to go much faster, so even a long procedure will seem short and painless!

Our staff will monitor your status during your visit to make sure you remain healthy and safe under the sedation.

Nitrous oxide sedation is started just before the procedure in our office. You will inhale the nitrous gas through a special mask and will usually experience a feeling of drowsiness and possibly euphoria. The nitrous oxide is processed quickly by your body, and by the end of your procedure, you should be alert enough to drive home.

Oral sedation is administered by a pill taken the night before your procedure and may be supplemented by a second pill once you arrive at our office or by nitrous oxide gas. The pill will make you quite relaxed and drowsy, and a friend or family member will need to drive you to and from your appointment. We recommend you not drive or operate machinery until the effects of the sedative have worn off. You should be able to return to work and normal duties the next day.

Call our office if you have questions about sedation dentistry and whether it is right for you.

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