Custom Comprehensive Treatment Plans

Not all patients are the same. We all have different dental needs and goals. Our office doesn’t push “canned” solutions or one-size-fits-all treatment options. At Dr. Delwiche’s Santa Rose practice, we tailor our services to provide the high-quality care each individual patient deserves.

From day one, our team will work with you to create a customized treatment plan.


What Is a Customized Comprehensive Treatment Plan?

At your first appointment, we'll dedicate time to get to know you and learn more about your dental healthcare goals. Some patients, for example, are just looking for a simple preventive treatment regimen. Others have a myriad of areas they’d like to address, from gum issues to cosmetic concerns.

We believe in the importance of listening. Rather than talk at you or make assumptions about your needs, we are ready with open ears to identify and understand your specific goals. From there, we’ll create an actionable treatment plan to address your issues and fulfill your dental desires.

Of course, we will work together to adjust the plan as needed over time based on your feedback and changing needs.


Prioritizing Your Care

In certain cases, a treatment plan for a condition might entail multiple procedures. For example, individuals facing advanced gum disease or dental reconstruction require a series of treatments rather than just a single silver bullet solution. Treatment information for these more complex conditions can be confusing and overwhelming.

That’s where Dr. Delwiche’s skilled team comes in. We will help you navigate your options by prioritizing available treatments to get you started on the right path. We can provide a review of the pros and cons for each procedure and make recommendations to help you arrive at a decision. We value the importance of each patient supporting the decisions made regarding their dental care and will work hard to achieve mutual understanding.


What Will We Focus On First?

Our top priority is to address any condition that is jeopardizes the health of your teeth and causes you pain. Treating active decay or gum disease and repairing broken teeth are often the first procedures we recommend for patients facing these issues. Immediate treatment stops the destructive processes these conditions cause in their tracks, averting additional damage.

Our other primary concern is aesthetic issues, which can negatively impact your emotional health. Damaged, missing or discolored teeth can deplete your physical health as well as your self-esteem and confidence.

Don’t wait any longer to get started on a customized treatment plan that will further your lifelong dental health and goals. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Delwiche’s Santa Rosa dental office to get started.