Crowns and Bridges

Dr. Delwiche’s Santa Rosa dental offices implements two patient-friendly solutions to damaged and missing teeth: dental crowns and bridges.
Unlike dentures or partials, crowns and bridges are just like your regular teeth. They are permanently affixed to existing implants or teeth and don’t require any special cleaning. You can brush and care for crowns and bridges just as you would your other teeth.

Dental Crowns

When a tooth is damaged, a crown covers the damaged area, strengthening the tooth and dramatically improving its appearance, alignment and form. Crowns can also be applied to dental implants to replace missing teeth.
With ceramic and porcelain technology, we can create crowns that match the exact shade of your natural teeth. No one will know the difference – including you!

If you’re replacing a tooth toward the back of your mouth, you may want to opt for a crown constructed from a slightly stronger material, such as acrylic, metal alloy or gold. We can also create a crown incorporating both metal and porcelain materials for the best of both the strength and aesthetic worlds.

Our team can help you determine whether a crown is a good option for you and which type is most appropriate for your needs.


Dental Bridges

Besides aesthetic concerns, there are numerous risks associated with a missing tooth. It can affect your bite, distort the shape of your face and even cause dental disease. A dental bridge solution is exactly what it sounds like: a piece of material used to “bridge” the gap between missing teeth.

A bridge is constructed from multiple crowns and is similarly available in several different materials. We will work with you to choose the appropriate solution for your situation.
Advanced Technology and Techniques

At Dr. Delwiche’s office, we are absolute in our commitment to the use of the most advanced tools and technology available in our field. Our team is constantly pursuing continuing education to learn about new technologies and how to use them. We also carry the latest equipment available, including crown and bridge equipment. We will help you restore your smile and protect your health with the best options for you.


Why Should I Repair or Replace My Teeth?

Missing and damaged teeth compromise your health, appearance and even quality of life. A missing tooth can make eating painful, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. This often leads to increased consumption of soft, processed foods and, in turn, poor nutrition.
This issue also may take a toll on your social life, causing you to feel uncomfortable about your appearance and smile. This has been proven to lead to depression or social anxiety.

With affordable technology and treatments available, there is no reason to continue to put your comfort and happiness on the back burner.
If you’re ready to improve your health and appearance with dental crowns or a bridge, please call our office today to schedule an appointment with Amanda Delwiche, DDS.