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Sports and Energy Drinks Can Damage Your Teeth

July 29, 2013
Posted By: Julie Murphy

Sports and Energy Drinks Can Damage Your Teeth

You may not know that many popular energy and sports drinks are exposing people to potential dental problems. Numerous studies have shown that these drinks are capable of hurting your teeth by eroding your enamel. When this strong outer layer of your teeth becomes eroded you can be more susceptible to decay and sensitivity. It comes down to the level of acid, or pH level, in whatever you are drinking. Water is generally considered to have a pH of 7 which is neutral. Battery acid has a level of 0. Stomach acid varies between 1-2 or can be as high as 4-5. Coffee has a pH around 5.5. This is the level where enamel can start to erode. The lower the pH, the higher level of acid and greater the chance your teeth can be damaged.

Here are the pH levels in common drinks according to Dimensions of Dental Hygiene:

AMP Energy Drink (8oz) – 2.7

Coca-Cola Soft Drink (8oz) – 2.5

Monster Energy Drink (8oz) – 2.7

Mountain Dew Soft Drink (8oz) – 3.2

Powerade Sports Drink (12oz) – 2.6

Red Bull Energy Drink (8.3 oz) – 3.3

Rock Star Energy Drink (8 oz) – 1.5

More pH levels according to Northwest Dentistry, March-April 2001:

Dr. Pepper – 2.92

Diet Pepsi – 3.05

Snapple Plain Tea – 3.93

Sprite – 3.42

Nestea Iced Tea – 3.04

White vinegar – 3

Lemon juice – 3

What can you do to help lessen the affects of acid in your favorite beverage? You can rinse with water immediately afterward. Consuming your beverage quickly and not holding it in your mouth any longer than necessary can help. Drinking these drinks several times a day or sipping slowly throughout the day means you are constantly bathing your teeth in acid. Chewing sugar-free gum can help. Also, do not brush right after consuming these drinks due to the softening of your enamel from the acid levels.


Amanda Delwiche, DDS
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