Amanda Delwiche D.D.S.

Does nitrous oxide or laughing gas really make you laugh?

Nitrous oxide (sometimes called "laughing gas") can create a feeling of euphoria, which may make you laugh easier, but its primary effect is to relax you and leave you calm and less aware of any fear or anxiety you may feel during dental procedures. Most people report an enjoyable feeling of drowsiness and relaxation, making their dental visits more pleasurable and less stressful.

Nitrous oxide is a quite safe sedation technique, and our office is trained and experienced in administrating it in the correct dosage to ensure the proper calming effect. We will monitor your status during the administration of the nitrous and during your procedure, so you can relax and enjoy a painless and low-stress dental visit. If you do laugh a little, that's okay too!

If you are sensitive to nitrous oxide or have had a bad reaction in the past, make sure to let us know. We have other sedation options available. There's no need to have an uncomfortable, fearful dental experience with our office! We take every step to ensure you are relaxed and comfortable from massage chairs and a gentle touch to nitrous oxide and oral sedation.

If you've been avoiding the dentist because of fear or anxiety, call us today. We'll be happy to discuss sedation options and answer any questions you may have. Let us work together to remove your dental fears!

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